Friday, August 27, 2010

Futo Fishermen Vow to Resume Dolphin Hunt

Written by Sakae Hemmi, Elsa Nature Conservancy:
According to the Izu Shimbun, Ito Fishing Cooperative held a meeting at its Futo
Branch on August 26, inviting the media and announced that they would resume the drive hunt of dolphins this season. This came after they got information that a large pod of bottlenose dolphins was found off the coast of Shirahama in the beginning of August. And also they think it necessary to teach the skill of drive hunt of dolphins to
the next generation.

Futo was allotted 419 dolphins, including 59 bottlenose dolphins, this season.
The hunting season starts on September 1 and ends on March 31 next year.
Their plan is the same as that in 2004.—to sell dolphins to aquariums, to do scientific research and consume the meat locally.

Futo hasn’t hunt dolphins since 2005, though the fishing cooperative announced every year that they would carry out the drive hunt. In 2004 they sold 14 bottlenose dolphins to aquariums, killed 5 dolphins for research purposes and
distributed its meat for local consumption. They released one dolphin after attaching transmitters. And at least 5 dolphins died of shock.


  1. before this terrible news and I feel dismay that the man is not only foolish but wrong is also the only animal on earth, unfortunately this mistake is fatal and the extermination of many other animals ... horrible !!!!!

  2. I am shocked and want to help stop this

  3. please donate and tell all of your friends. We can make a difference. Please

  4. As a Japanese, I am sometimes ashamed of my own country.