Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Famous San Juan Killer Whale is Presumed Lost

From Orca Network: According to Ken Balcomb of The Whale Center, J1/Ruffles, has been missing since late November. This is very sad news for all who follow the Southern Resident community of orcas, as J1 is the oldest male, father to MANY offspring in all three pods, and his HUGE, beautiful, ruffled fin was the most visible and recognizable fin in the entire community, and he is loved by us all.

I filmed J1 many times over the years and never ceased to marvel at this magnificent orca. It is sad to know he is gone. You can see him in The Dolphin Defender and in the closing title sequence of the series Challenge of the Seas (filmed 12 years ago).

Infant Dolphins Die Along Gulf Coast

In the wake of the devastating oil spill of last spring and summer, 17 infant dolphins have died in Gulf waters. The main birthing season has not yet begun. This points to a catastrophic birthing season. http://www.sunherald.com

Friday, February 18, 2011

What's Next for Japan Whaling

My blog on future of Japan #whaling is at http://bluevoice.org/blog.php
It includes information on disease in whales that cud xfr to humans.

Japan withdraws from Southern Ocean whaling

Japan says it will withdraw whaling fleet from Southern Ocean under pressure from Sea Shepherd. But what now? The butchers could return next year or move their operations to the NW Pacific where they have hunted a variety of whale species. But if few are eating whale meat and stockpiles of whale meat are huge there may be no incentive to whale. Japan is already losing millions pursuing its mindless butchery. All this while Japan's economy languishes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sea Shepherds Drive Japan Whalers from Antarctic

Just received email from Paul Watson re Japan's retreat. "The Nissin Maru is heading eastward still and is in the Drake Passage moving towards the South Atlantic. I think they believe they can run the Bob Barker out of fuel. They can’t. The Bob Barker can follow wherever they go – East or West. I believe they are going around the continent and so I’m sending the Gojira and the Steve Irwin West to meet them. The three harpoon vessels are heading west also. Paul

Though many deserve credit for fighting Japan's whaling it is clear that Sea Shepherd ships drove the whalers out of the Antarctic by making it impossible to whale.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sales of Whale Meat Fall

Japanese fisheries officials have announced that consumption of whale meat has fallen precipitously and the model of using sales of "scientific" whale meat to sustain the hunt is no longer viable.