Friday, February 10, 2012

Estrogen Imitating pollutants Lead to Larger Breasts, Obesity, Diabetes

Huffington Post has just published my blog on the impact estrogen imitating chemicals ingested through fish (and dolphin meat) can have on obesity, diabetes and larger breasts in women – AND MEN! Toxic data a great tool to end dolphin hunt for meat. Please forward to friends and RT. Also Like and Comment on the blog.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

DVD-R on History of Fight to End Dolphin Hunt

"When Dolphins Cry", my film on efforts to end dolphin killing at Iki, Futo, and #Taiji, Japan is now available. It begins at Iki in 1979. Includes story of Mr. Ishii's conversion from dolphin hunter to dolphin watch leader. Important background to today's efforts to stop the killing. DVD-R at Amazon

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Test Results from Meat of Spotted Dolphins

Working in conjunction with ELSA Nature Conservancy BlueVoice now has results of our testsw of the meat of striped dolphins recently killed at Taiji. These results will be widely disseminated in Japan and worldwide. Here are the results:

According to the initial report,
mercury : 1.68ppm --4.2 times higher than the maximum allowance level

methyl mercury: 0.85 ppm --2.8 times higher than the maximum allowance level

PCBs : 0.62 ppm --a little bit(1.24 times) higher than the maximum allowance level

More data shortly.